Indonesian Java Sumatra

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Bittersweet Chocolate + Walnuts + Creamy

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Description:  Behold a bold, vibrant, full-bodied coffee bearing the iconic name Java. With notes of chocolate, walnuts, and hints of cream, this single-origin coffee comes from the Karo Highlands Region on the Indonesia island, Sumatra, known for its rich volcanic soil. 

Our Indonesian Java Sumatra is for the coffee lover who proudly appreciates a robust, dark roast

Pro Tip:  Indonesia produces some of the finest gourmet coffees in the world and proper coffee to water ratio is key to creating the perfect and smooth-tasting coffee. Too little water may create a bitter effect. If that happens just add a little more water to your brewing cycle until it’s right for your preference. You can also add more water to your brew cycle if the coffee is too strong for your liking. Tasting notes may give the drinker chocolate, earthy, and nutty flavors with a spicy finish.

Coffee Processing Method:  Wet-Hulled  

Fact:  The process to cultivate coffee was a guarded secret for over 700 years by Arab traders, that is until Dutch merchants were able to steal a coffee plant and/or coffee seeds. By the early 1600s, Dutch merchants had enough information from botanists to cultivate their own coffee plant and establish trade for themselves. By the late 1690s, the East Indian Dutch colony of Java was established, in addition to plantations on the neighboring island colonies of Sumatra. Coffee plantations grew in rapid succession all around the world over the next 300 years, all from that one coffee plant taken by Dutch merchants.

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