Kenya Oh Kenya!

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Brown Sugar + Dry Citrus + Thyme

Description:   A smooth medium roast and a full-bodied coffee single-origin coffee from the Nyeri Region of Kenya and is associated with the Giakanja Farm Collective that works with many smaller farmers. If you love and appreciate coffee, then you know that a delicious cup of Kenyan coffee will have you singing, “Kenya Oh Kenya!”

Pro Tip:  Kenyan coffee beans are considered one of the world’s best choices for coffee because of its fruity but full-bodied and juicy flavor profile. This is due to the country’s rich volcanic soil and high elevation to grow coffee beans. Tasting notes may give the drinker flavors of creme brûlée and brown, dry citrus, and a hint of thyme.

Coffee Processing Method:  Washed  

Fun Fact:  In Kenya, some men use a traditional method of brewing Kenyan coffee to make Kahawa chungu, also known as bitter coffee. Kahawa chungu is a concentrated black coffee beverage and is said to be an aphrodisiac.

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