Beyu Food Project

Beyu Barista serves a customer


The Beyu Food Project is a community-service initiative, created by Beyu Coffee, designed to feed children, individuals, families, and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the support of a centralized community effort, the Beyu Food Project coordinates the food production, logistics, and fiscal stewardship to oversee safe food deliveries while ensuring transparency and equitable disbursement of contributions.


The Beyu Food Project, initially called the Feed DURM Collective, was first created as an emergency alliance among Downtown Durham’s small restaurant businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the economic stability of small businesses, the overload of our local healthcare system and its essential workers, and the threat to basic food security needs of families in our community as a result of school closure.

As the global coronavirus pandemic hit North Carolina, we recognized that members of our community were experiencing extraordinary challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic upended their households, causing the overburdening of limited resources while also shrinking their resources for basic food security. We also recognized that food insecurity was a growing crisis throughout the state as many families were unable to secure the necessary meals and groceries on a daily and weekly basis due to the underlying at-risk factors and the multiplied negative impacts of the coronavirus crisis.


The Beyu Food Project has been successful at achieving the dual goals of tackling food insecurity through nutritious food delivery while also providing restaurant employee assistance by collaborating with multiple non-profit organizations and local restaurants.

The program operates with a credible and qualified collective of partners curated based on years of business and operational efficiency related to nutritional quality, demand, delivery, and health & safety standards.

In our first seven months after the pandemic hit our area, we have been able to achieve the following:

  • Served over 85,800 meals to children, families, essential healthcare workers, and essential school teachers
  • Raised over $125,000 to support our community efforts
  • Provided over $124,300 in gross wages to individuals working within the foodservice industry
  • Provided over $138,500 in revenue to our local economy via partner restaurants, local food vendors, local farmers, and supporting local businesses, thus helping to provide jobs and stimulate our local economy
  • Delivered meals to over 12 Durham Public and Charter Schools, and fed over 165 individual school teachers
  • Partnered with over 7 different local restaurants to deliver meals to local schools and our local healthcare workers