Clink your Coffee Cup to Single Mothers

I’d wager my two cup a day coffee habit that every human being has been affected by the pandemic in some way. 

And of all the people impacted, this one thing’s for sure.  

Single mothers are still holding it down for their families. 

These times have been disproportionately harder for single mothers.  One reason in particular is food insecurity - or not having enough food.

Household food insecurity rates with homes headed by single mothers are TWICE as high compared to women living alone.  And when jobs are compromised or schools are closed, income plummets, leaving single mothers to find a way to make it work.   And “make it work” includes EAT.

So now through Mothers’s Day, instead of high-fives and hugs, we’re clinking coffee cups and providing a week’s worth of meals to single mothers.

The Beyu Food Project, of Beyu Caffé has teamed up with Partnership Effort For The Advancement of Children’s Health (PEACH) to distribute food packages that feed families for up to one week.  

“PEACH is very excited to partner with the Beyu Food Project in our aligned efforts to help support single mothers who have been greatly impacted during this pandemic.  This partnership will be a great resource, providing relief and easing some of the burden of putting food on the table.”, says PEACH Community Outreach Manager, Kimberlee Wynn.

And because our community warriors often ask “HOW CAN WE HELP”, this is how you can make Mother’s Day super special.

Buy coffee for the mothers in your life.  The loving, hard-working while making it look easy superhero mothers that helped shape you into who you are today.

Or, just buy coffee for yourself, because you’re all of the above.

When you spend $30 or more in our Beyu at Home coffee collection, you’ll help feed a single mother and family for a week.

That’s Mother’s Day good vibes all around. Shop now!