About Beyu Caffé

“If I had to describe Beyu Caffe, I’d say it’s the most gracious dinner party host that’s genuinely happy you came.  The food, company and people are cool –you can just relax and be yourself. “  -  Andy

Since 2009, Beyu Caffe has been rooted in a love for coffee, community and bringing people together in a place where they can simply be themselves.   

Known for its soulful sophistication and mellow vibes, the downtown Durham location is a local institution - a place to have a power breakfast meeting, buckle down and finally work on your business idea, catch up over brunch with friends, or enjoy live music.  

But, Beyu Caffe is even more than this.

We care about coffee. 

Good coffee. The full flavor, rich aroma, let’s-get-it-started kind of brew.  

Our Heart & Soul Signature blend has been with us from the beginning and our Dope Specialty coffee beverages are just that - DOPE.  So whether you’re at the cafe or shopping online, we want you to have a fresh, gourmet Beyu Coffee experience.   

We’re down for the community.  

As we like to say, without community, it’s just coffee.  Our mission is to uplift and inspire, and we achieve this by helping the people who live in our backyard.  

In addition to supporting local projects, we started the Beyu Food Project to fight against food insecurity and donate proceeds from our retail coffee sales to support this initiative, because no one should have to go hungry.  

We value culture and connection. 

How we greet you, serve you, or even email you will be accompanied with respect, care, and appreciation.  This is how we operate as a company from the inside out. 

So whether you're new to Beyu, a longtime friend, or part of the team, we’re glad you chose to spend some time with us. We appreciate you.