Say It Loud Dark & Proud! Blend

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Bean Preference

Roast Level: 

Dark | Espresso

Tasting Notes: 

Caramel + Dark Chocolate 

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Description:  A dual espresso and dark roast blend with bold and robust flavor combining Sumatra, Mexican, and Honduras beans.  This dark, strong, and rich coffee serves as the perfect cup of coffee and espresso, and we are proud to Say It Loud!

Pro Tip: This blend is perfect for those coffee drinkers who enjoy a bold cup of coffee without the lingering bitter taste. We recommend 2 Tablespoons per 5 ounces of water or 1 gram of coffee per  17 grams of water.

Fact:  At a staff coffee tasting, owner Dorian Bolden asked what song or phrase came to mind for this blend.  Almost instantly, one of the managers called out Say it Loud and you know the rest!

Net WT 12oz/340g 

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